Aylesbury 12th October, 2015


After seven years of in house showcases and a couple of West End performances where we came together with other academies, I thought it was time to commit to our own external performance and showcase the array of talent at PQA Aylesbury.

This idea was mooted last September and auditions were held in February 2015. And after what seemed like the shortest seven months in history, we took to the stage at the weekend at The Court Theatre in Tring.

Combining all three PQA modules, The Wizard of Oz was an ambitious project, but one which the children handled with ease. Lucy Bachelor played a convincingly scary Wicked Witch who conversed effortlessly with a pre-recorded film of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion on route to the Emerald City. Kayleigh Hampton’s portrayal of Dorothy was first class, and despite losing her voice only days before the show, she still sang a tear-jerking version of Over the Rainbow.

I would love to be able to mention everybody individually, especially the principals, but it is impractical. All the children demonstrated that they have earned their place at PQA and not only did they perform brilliantly; they conducted themselves in a manner which made me proud to be their principal. Matthew, Abby and Bhawika worked wonderfully together as the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man respectively, adding a little extra to their performance every time.

We were also joined by our little Poppets on the Matinee who wowed the audience by signing the lyrics to the song Colours of the Rainbow while also singing and dancing! They also made an appearance throughout act 1 dancing to the reprise of If I Only Had the Brain/Heart/Nerve. Well done Poppets. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

I am now continually being asked (by the children and their parents) what the next show is! This just goes to show that the children enjoyed the experience. The buzz at the academy this Saturday was palpable. Well, don’t worry guys; the next project is never far away!

Why don’t you look through some of the back stage and rehearsal photos and watch this space for the next event.

DVD’s of the Saturday Matinee production will be available to purchase in the New Year.