The Poppets Celebrate Friendship!

Plymouth 26th January, 2022

The Poppets Celebrate Friendship!

On Saturday 22nd January at PQA Plymouth, our session was all about friendship! We decided to celebrate that we have all made some great new friends here at PQA Plymouth by exploring what our Poppets feel mpqa plymouthakes a good friend, playing friendship games and learning to work together with our new friends. Our Poppets got to know each other’s favourite things and discovered their shared interests in an exciting game of ‘That’s me!’.


Next, we practised focus and concentration techniques, in partners they mirrored each other’s movements in a fun game of ‘Mirror, Mirror’, they were so great at this that we expanded it to a whole group game of ‘Copycat’ where our Poppets had to show off their best dance moves, project a sound or sing a line from their favourite songs and everyone in the group had to copy.


During this week’s imagination game, we played an exciting game of ‘Toyshop’, our Poppets were asked to close their eyes and imagine their favourite toy, they thought about how their toy would speak and move, our Poppets Teacher, Emma, played the part of Toyshop owner, the Poppets were still and quiet when the Toyshop owner was facing them, however, when they turned their back the Poppets brought their favourite toys to life embodying their physicality and sounds. We finished their fun-filled session by impressing their teachers by singing and performing a dance to Toy Story ‘You’ve got a friend in me’. A fantastic day exploring friendship and learning to work together with our new friends!


Poppets teacher Emma said “Our Poppets continue to impress with how well they are doing in each session, they are working so well together and really putting their all into everything we do, they are learning very quickly and most importantly we are having so much fun!”. We can’t wait for our special ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed week this coming Saturday!