Snow White Review

Sunderland 9th January, 2019

Snow White Review

Durham Gala
24th December 2018

A very good show!
An amazing clown, (Chester the Jester) had me laughing all the way through. The twist to the storyline was brilliant as the sinister character (Rotten Chops the butler) was a man and not the usual witch. All of the funny things happened at the right time (oh yes they did!). I loved the dwarfs, all played by children and they stole the spotlight with their humour. The best ones, I think, were Radgy and Keith Simpson because you never knew what they were going to say or do next.
The end was very child-friendly as instead of the normal wedding song they sang Baby Shark and had the audience up on the stage and joining in. One of the best pantos I’ve ever watched yet!


– Imogen Parkes, Green group