PQA Wolverhampton’s Showcase for Parents.

Wolverhampton 25th July, 2022

PQA Wolverhampton’s Showcase for Parents.

Parents of students at PQA Wolverhampton had the opportunity to see
what the classes had been working on this term when the students put
on a drama showcase.

Parents were invited to come into the academy halfway through the
session to see the performances which were made up of scenes from 3
plays, the older students performed 2 scenes from The Crucible, the
youngest scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream while the middle group
had been working on Dracula.

In addition, the students had been learning to adapt their performances to a
‘Thrust Stage’ from the traditional Proscenium Arch, meaning that they had
to be aware of the audience on 3 sides, not just in front.

Comedy and Drama teacher Julian Hoult who initially directed the pieces
left a few weeks before the show to play MR Bumble in the West End
production of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe so Film teacher Jacob
stepped in as director.

“Performing on a thrust requires a whole new set of skills, sightline change
and the focus needs to move regularly”, said principal Julian, “the team did
a magnificent job and it was clear to everyone how much effort the students
had put in. Even the bows have to change, a straight line doesn’t work, so
students had to learn about that”.

All of the performances were extremely well received students receiving a
standing ovation for their performance.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your child to take part in such events
and more, contact [email protected] or 07838115152 to
request a free taster session, simply tell us your child’s name, age and
whether classes at 10am or 2pm suits you most.

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