PQA Wolverhampton students on stage together

Wolverhampton 24th October, 2018

PQA Wolverhampton students on stage together

PQA Wolverhampton students and staff came together from both AM and PM Academies on Saturday to perform Shergar Morse and The Rabbits Foot Ruby, a musical written, produced and performed entirely in house.

Set in a 1920’s country house on a night of terrible weather a motley cast of characters find themselves trapped when the Baroness’ famous ruby necklace, ‘It is fabulous’, goes missing. Fortunately for everyone the world famous private detective Shergar Moorse is on hand with his sidekick Joan. Shergar suspects and investigates everyone before the big reveal at the end where eventually the culprit is unmasked.

Lots of songs, jokes, terrible puns and some local references too made for a great night with students giving it their all. Musical routines ranged from duets, a 4 piece boyband right through to full Academy numbers.

Our amazing Poppets were not left out either, they opened the show with a scene specially written for them set in the modern day and referring back to the mystery that happened so long ago, a group song from them was exceptionally engaging.

Every student was examined for their Trinity Group Performance exams with great success.

For the PM group it was a great way to prepare for the step up to performing in London’s West End in May 2019 while the AM group have a number of great projects coming up beginning with American Musicals in MT and our fantastic Monologue competition in C&D. This is a great time to join PQA Wolverhampton as we move on from a show into new projects.


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