PQA Wolverhampton enter film project

Wolverhampton 23rd September, 2016

PQA Wolverhampton enter film project

Students and staff at PQA Wolverhampton are part of a team working to produce a world war 1 feature film on a micro budget.

Teacher Mat Hammond (cinematographer) and student Josh Griffiths (Private William Armitage) along with Assistant Teacher Jordan Shaw spent 3 days on set this summer filming the short film. It is to be used as a proof of concept in the fundraising activities to raise money for the full feature to be shot next year.

Along with teachers and students from the Bridgnorth Academy and directed by Jake Elcock the whole team shot for 3 days. 2 at a recreation trench in Oswestry and the third at Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire. Following the journey of Captain John Hemmingway, played by teacher Ben Seager, from the idyllic Shropshire country estate to the hell of The Somme. The film concentrates on the last 3 days of the war, rumours of the end are everywhere but the orders are still coming through. Hemmingway is caught between his duty and his responsibility for his men.

The short film can be seen here