PQA Wickford Poppets perform The Wizard of Oz

Wickford 5th April, 2017

PQA Wickford Poppets perform The Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to Poppets for putting on a fantastic end of term performance for family, friends and a very excited Blue group!

Both groups performed 4 songs from the show: Somewhere Over the Rainbow; The Lullaby League; The Lollipop Guild and Follow the Yellow Brick Road and gave a potted version of the story. What was really impressive was that Poppets made all the props and painted the set themselves! Well done everyone, you were fantastic and thank you to Megan and Rae who work so hard with our youngest members of the Academy.

Here are just some quotes from the audience:

“I absolutely loved the Wizard of Oz production. Megan and Rae do a fabulous job with the kids and I’m so pleased that we joined your Poppets class” J.B.

“Teri, that was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!” Ruby, blue group member.

“Absolutely fantastic! Glad I wore waterproof mascara” S.D.

“Very proud parents, Poppets you were all amazing!” H.H.

“That’s the standard we need Lazy Ace to be” Teri, Principal.