PQA Wickford Poppets make amazing Lazy Ace trailers

Wickford 31st July, 2017

PQA Wickford Poppets make amazing Lazy Ace trailers

Whilst our main Academies were working hard last term rehearsing for their Lazy Ace performances at The Shaftesbury Theatre, both our Poppets classes have been working hard with Steve, our Film & TV tutor, to produce two promotional videos.

We have enjoyed watching and sharing these short films on our Facebook page over the last few weeks- they’ve both been seen over 1000 times!- and have decided now is the time to share them on our website.

We think our main Academy students matched these performances during their shows (gaining Trinity Grade 4 Distinctions), but it was close! Thank you to Megan, Rae, Steve and Sue for all your help in getting this done. And, of course, to the Poppets for your excellent performances.

The first video can be seen here and this is the link to our second video!