PQA Torbay – Taking on the Bard

Torbay 7th July, 2022

PQA Torbay – Taking on the Bard

At PQA Torbay we often work with contemporary scripts or even often devise, but it was quite another thing to take on Shakespeare.


The first thing was to understand the Iambic Pentameter, the rhythm of the language, and even decode some of the words as its 400 years old yet so many phrases we use every day come from Shakespeare.


Like these bold phrases we use in our recent show locally at Lupton House and then more recently In London Fuse International Festival.


Hold on one minute let’s not Be all and End all so soon,

Let’s not send him packing just yet.

Oh I remember young Will – always wearing his heart on his sleeve,

he had a heart of gold. 

Yeah but the naked truth is he often found himself in a pickle,

he’d be off on a wild goose chase!

For goodness sake, it was like fighting fire with fire,

then he’d vanish into thin air! A laughing stock,

Then he’d go full circle,  and set your teeth on edge.

Make you hair stand on end,


William Shakespeare was only 50 odd years old and in that short time he gave us…..  37 plays, 154 sonnets,  5 epic poems and more than 1,700 new words to the English language.


In our recent show A Midsummer Nights Dream REMIX it incredible to have the whole academy from 6-18 yrs speaking Shakespeare’s verse with such ease and clarity, making such great acting choices and really understanding the characters.

It was very funny- for all the right reasons, Puck was epic and Pyramus and Thisbe was particularly wonderful.