PQA Torbay – Not all Jazz Hands

Torbay 1st August, 2022

PQA Torbay – Not all Jazz Hands

Not every Student comes to PQA Torbay ready to sing and dance, some arrive very shy and timid. Some are autistic or have medical, speech or coordination problems. Watching the progress in these students is so rewarding within a warm, friendly and accepting environment and the power of the performing arts – together it does its magic!


Don’t take our word for it – here is the words from one of the parents:


“Our daughter recently joined PQA and we just wanted to share how impressed we are on so many levels. Victoria, the principal, is dedicated, enthusiastic, professional and supportive.

Her staff are equally dedicated, talented caring and vigilant. 

The school is run to very exacting standards and conduct. Having worked in a London Conservatoire Drama school we can confirm that the classes and approach align with what we experienced and trained under to the highest professional actor training standards. 

It is a difficult balance to create a working culture and environment with children to be both strict and demanding and yet fun and playful – PQA achieve both and we are so glad our daughter has joined the school. 

She has, in a short period of time, developed confidence in public speaking and movement/performance skills. She is always looking forward to Saturday morning.”


Recently I spoke to a dad who said I would love my daughter to come to PQA but she isn’t coordinated and I said that precisely why she should come, as we have one boy with extreme coordination issues but at PQA its not even noticeable as he simply loves it.