PQA Torbay – Location Shoots

Torbay 7th July, 2022

PQA Torbay – Location Shoots

We are so lucky in Devon with so many amazing locations to shoot our films. From the sea to the moor, butterfly sanctuary and bygones ages even PowerHam Castle.


Shooting on location taking extra planning and of course excitement with so much to do. We need to rehearse the scenes as well and the shots before coming onsite as time is precious.


For example in our film Looking for Connection we wrote and recorded the song in advance, then practice in small groups the types of shoots needed for verses, choruses and the rap in the weeks beforehand.


Then once onsite at Bone Hill, Dartmoor we walked the site, stopping regularly to note possible locations for shots before breaking into groups with four camera to go and get the footage in the can. For ease in editing no-one sang the words of the songs, as lip syncing can be tricky and limit the footage that could be used.


When we did our Harry Potter spoof with Green Group Benny Rotter & Golden Teapot we used a local pub that was listed in the doomsday book, full of spooky furniture, nooks and crannies even suits of armor.


Award winning “Cut”– a murder mystery film within a film was shot on location at the icon Powerham Castle near Exeter.



Reimagine” PQA Film Festival 2019 Highly Commended was filmed at the Butterfly Sanctuary, even though it had a strong message there was loads



of magical moments captured on the day with Butterflies flying in and out of shot.


More recently Hey Stay Relevant combined Rap from Comedy & Drama with film at the local skate park.


Another awarding music video with an environmental message Go Green – Keep it Clean shot on location by the sea at the beautiful Elberry Cove.



We Love Location Shoots!