PQA Torbay – High Praise

Torbay 1st September, 2022

PQA Torbay – High Praise

Of course we get lots of great feedback and praise from parents but its another thing all together to get praise from the public audience and other industry professionals.


Recently, after performing at FUSE international youth theatre, the Festival Director came out to Stage door and told the parents how brilliant it was. The Rose Theatre’s Stage Manager asked us if we are taking the show on tour, the touring Swedish company who gave us a standing ovation.


One member of the public said; “We loved the production. Everyone gave their all. The fairy’s were fabulous and Puck was a delight. Thank you to the whole cast – you were amazing.


Richard Mullholland – PQA Head of Live Performance and Education who said,

“It was my absolute pleasure- thank you so much for inviting me- what a glorious way to end the weekend!
The show was fantastic- funny, charming and moving. I thought the whole thing was extremely accomplished. You and the academy should be very proud – I certainly was!
How incredible to have the whole academy speaking Shakespeare’s verse with such ease and clarity, making such great acting choices and really understanding the characters.
They all sang and danced brilliantly too! It was very funny – for all the right reasons – Pyramus and Thisbe was particularly wonderful. Costumes, lighting and staging too were really super. Please pass on my congratulations to the cast and to your team. What bright futures they all have. I can’t wait to see what you do next!”