PQA Torbay Distinction Awarded for London Shakespeare Show

Torbay 25th July, 2022

PQA Torbay Distinction Awarded for London Shakespeare Show

On Sunday 3rd July PQA Torbay took two buses from Devon up to London to perform for the 2nd time A Midsummer Nights Dream REMIX at the Rose Theatre as a part of FUSE International – youth theatre festival.


It was called REMIX as it also had rap, pop songs, fun facts and insults.

Every student from 6-18 years spoke Shakespeare verse, and as the show chant goes:

Put the words in your feet

Dance the language of the Bard

Making every word land

So we ALL understand


That night the Trinity Examiner was in the audience and really enjoyed the show and thought it was worthy of a Distinction!


Here are some of his notes:


“There was a good engagement with the audience throughout. The choral groups – The Blue Rap Crew, The Narrators, The Fairies – connected with the audience very

well, with strong eye contact and delivery out front and a real sense of playing to the crowd and entertaining us.


It was clear the whole cast were fully committed throughout and they passed the “baton” of stage energy to each other scene to scene with assurance. 


The principals (or leads) were very assured with Shakespeare’s text, and played the comedy with an ease and sense of relish throughout. Puck, Oberon, Titania, Bottom played the audience well and had an engaging ease with their text throughout. Theseus played the language with a surprising maturity, and each story beat was owned at each moment. 


The performers played their relationships with each other well and the choral groups really played well as a team with a strong understanding of the text and the humour within it – particularly the rhymic Blue Rap Crew, and the quirky fairies and their sonnet set piece. 


The comedy in this well-loved classic was brought out to the full in the mechanicals play for the Duke, the performers finding the jokes in Shakespeare’s 400 year old play as if they were modern and newly minted.”


He had a couple of comments about some songs needing more commitment or energy which we will take onboard , yet its not surprising after such a long day starting at 5am, doing a tour of the Globe theatre and then a tech run before the evening show.


We are all so proud of our students as a Distinction was awarded for Musical Theatre in Production – Level 3, accompanied on the night with a standing ovation!

PQA Torbay