PQA Scarborough’s Fighting for Film & TV Masterclass

Scarborough 21st December, 2017

PQA Scarborough’s Fighting for Film & TV Masterclass

In December 2017 the students from PQA Scarborough enjoyed an exciting Fighting for Film & TV Masterclass with Kiel O’Shea from True Edge Stage Combat.

The secrets of screen combat were explored in the workshop that focused on how to make a fight look great on film. Breaking down the tricks of the trade through unarmed combat, students learned how to consistently hit their mark in a fight scene, play to the camera, work with a partner to on how to play intention, fighting in frame and sell the fight to make it believable for the lens.

Students had the opportunity to learn about how to shoot the action as well as perform it.

“The students learnt lots of new skills in the Masterclass”, said Principal James Aconley. “It’s a great way to kick-start our upcoming cinema screening project happening in 2018”.