PQA Scarborough performed with G4


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Scarborough 11th September, 2018

PQA Scarborough performed with G4

On Sunday 2nd September, the talented students at PQA Scarborough performed with the fantastic G4!

The students were invited to perform with G4 as part of their Live Tour 2018. G4 shot to fame on ITV’s first series of the X Factor in 2004 where they pioneered the world of ‘Popera’.

The spectacular concert took place at Scarborough Spa with a huge audience there to support them. The evening was a massive success and the students performing with G4 rocked the stage with songs including: ‘Barcelona’, ‘Circle of life’, ‘Nessun Dorma’ and many more. The students also performed their own song ‘Rhythm of Life’.

Mike from G4 said “We were very impressed with your talented choir! It was such a pleasure to have you all on stage with us and I hope we can perform together again at some point!”

Principal James Aconley said “It was a huge honour being asked to perform with G4, all the students (and staff) were thrilled to take part. It was an amazing experience, one that every student will always remember!”.