PQA Rugby battle through a Stage Combat Masterclass

Rugby 3rd February, 2016

PQA Rugby battle through a Stage Combat Masterclass

PQA Rugby students spent their Saturday morning battling their way through a Stage Combat Masterclass led by members of the Stage Combat company True Edge.

The Masterclass introduced the students to different elements of unarmed combat skills that are used in Theatre and Film. The students were taught techniques in hair/ear pulling, slapping, punching and more for performance intentions.

These Masterclasses are a great way for students to learn a variety of intricate skills by top industry professionals and gain experiences that they wouldn’t learn anywhere else. Principal of PQA Rugby, Jenny, said “We were thrilled to have Ian from True Edge with us today. The students loved learning some basic stage fighting techniques and most importantly they have learnt how to make it look effective whilst making sure there are no injuries!”

Speaking of the Masterclass, PQA student Billy said “It was really fun and interesting to learn stage by stage how to put a fight together.” Whilst fellow PQA’er Elliot said “I really enjoyed it and I have new skills that I can use in our short film!”

True Edge tutor Ian said that it was a pleasure to work with the students at PQA Rugby and that their enthusiasm to learn the moves was really brilliant.