PQA Preston walk the red carpet

Preston 17th November, 2015

PQA Preston walk the red carpet

Students from PQA Preston watched themselves in a feature film on the big screen!

In Preston a new feature film has taken the city by storm and the PQA students where right in the centre of it. Twelve months ago Alan Livsey (Film and TV teacher at PQA Preston) undertook the huge challenge to make a feature film in six chapters, each chapter with its own writer, director and crew. These six chapters where then edited together to produce a feature film in a new and innovative way.

The Blackout is a multi-narrative feature film set in Preston, Lancashire. When an all-power blackout hits the nation, the people of Preston are left isolated with no lights, no phones and no transport. The Blackout follows six characters and their journeys across the city on the first night of complete darkness.

One of the chapters featured a group of children who decide to make their own way home from school after they have been abandoned by their teacher and no parents appeared to pick them up. The children where all from PQA Preston and represented us brilliantly both on set and at the premiere. The children did such a great job that we are already in talks with another local production company who are looking to use our students in their up and coming film.

A huge well done to everyone involved!