PQA Norwich’s awards day

Norwich 11th August, 2017

PQA Norwich’s awards day

It was the last day of term at PQA Norwich and the students had been working so hard all year.

I would like to say a huge congratulations to each and every one of you as you are all stars and I wanted to celebrate the huge success we have achieved by having an awards ceremony! Massive round of applause to all those who won awards!

Most Improved: Amelia Wilby
Boys cup: Eli Taylor
Poppet of the year: Honey Gibson

Film and TV award: Ruby Bagley
Musical Theatre award: Verity King
Comedy and Drama award: Delphi Leavold
Most improved: Bobbie Genaris

Film and TV award: Cody Poole
Musical Theatre award: Yasmin Maitland
Comedy and Drama award: Aoibhe Conway
Most improved: Lydia Roe

Film and TV award: Darcey Reil
Musical Theatre award: Shannon Shilton
Comedy and Drama award: Rosie Jex
Most improved: Billy Barnes

Boys cup: Aidan Mckie
Performer of the Year: Molly Payne

For all those students who have worked professionally throughout the year with the Quirky Kidz agency.

Facebook fan of the year: Sharon Blundell
Quirky kid parent of the year awards: Nicky and Sion Hathway, Lisa Moody for taking the students to London every week, four weeks on the go for auditions!