PQA Harrogate Students Perform with Britain’s Got Talent Winners – Collabro!

Harrogate 15th November, 2021

PQA Harrogate Students Perform with Britain’s Got Talent Winners – Collabro!

Have you ever been to see a show or a concert, and sat in the audience just wishing you could get up on that stage too?!

Well on Friday 5th November 2021 this became a reality for some of our PQA students as they had the opportunity to take the stage with BGT winners Collabro!

Alongside rehearsing for their upcoming show, High School Musical, our students have been busy rehearsing two incredible songs for the Collabro concert: Come What May and Who Wants To Live Forever.

The arrangement and harmonies were simply STUNNING and certainly a challenge for our students to learn, but they rose to the occasion spectacularly, acting with professionalism and singing their hearts out under the bright lights on the stage!

We were originally due to perform with Collabro in 2020 so it was an emotional journey to finally be there this year and to see our students perform professionally to a live audience for the first time in over 18 months – we could not have been any prouder of them!

Not only did they get to perform with Collabro but they were then invited to watch the full concert, coming out of the audience to sing with the band on stage for the end of Act One. It was an incredible experience for our PQA’ers and one that we will all remember forever!

Their Principal Kellie Taylor says ‘I was delighted to see my students up on stage again, being themselves, and being amazing! It has taken a lot to build the confidence of our young performers again after such a difficult year, but they were rewarded for their fantastic performance with a standing ovation from the audience! To see their faces light up again, doing what they love, was all I could ever ask for!

Thank you so much to Collabro for this wonderful opportunity and we sincerely hope to be able to join you again in the future.’

Be Yourself. Be Amazing.