PQA Harrogate PM students Trinity exam success

Harrogate 8th August, 2018

PQA Harrogate PM students Trinity exam success

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to present our hard-working PM Academy students with their well-deserved Trinity College of London certificates to finish off the term at PQA Harrogate!

Students took their ‘Musical Theatre in Production’ exams during their performance of Cory Clagett at York Opera House on Sunday 27 May. Students were graded at the highest level of Distinction for their performance, and we couldn’t be any prouder of all their hard work and efforts this term!

Next term we will begin working on our West End debut ahead of our performance in the New Year, so this was a fantastic learning opportunity for the students, and do not doubt that we will soon be smashing it in London’s iconic West End!

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