PQA Harrogate AM’s Trinity success

Harrogate 28th June, 2017

PQA Harrogate AM’s Trinity success

PQA Harrogate was a busy scene on Saturday as students performed their Trinity Exam pieces to an invigorated audience of parents, friends and staff!

Poppets kicked off the day with their adorable performance of The Wizard of Oz, complete with smiling faces, singing, dancing and lots of acting. They finished their performance to rapturous applause from Main Academy students and parents, before being presented with their Bronze Young Performers Certificates!

Our fantastic Main Academy Green group students then took to the floor to perform their Grade 2 Devised Drama piece – Treasure Island. This was followed by their uplifting Musical Theatre piece – Annie, which had parents tapping along to the beat! We are incredibly excited to announce that our Green group students received a distinction in both their Drama and Musical Theatre group exams!

Next up was our brilliant Blue group who undertook Grade 3 Scripted Drama exams in two separate groups giving brilliant performances of The Wind in the Willow and Fantastic Mr Toad respectively – and even dealing with missing members of the group. They gave fabulous performances of each! Students then performed their Grade 3 Musical Theatre piece – High School Musical. We are thrilled to announce that not only did our Blue group students receive Distinctions across all Musical Theatre and Drama exams, but the Fantastic Mr Toad drama group actually received 98% for their piece, which is an amazing achievement!

Lastly our Red Group students began performing their Grade 4 Scripted Drama pieces – Something Wicked This Way Comes and All The World’s A Stage. As we all know, it’s no easy feat to take on Shakespeare, but our students gave passionate and clean performances of each, with fantastic projection and a relaxed use of such difficult terminology. Following on from Shakespeare our older students then proceeded into their Grade 4 Musical Theatre group piece – Hamilton! It was easy to see the love the students have for this musical during the performance. There were clearly a number of ‘goose-bumps’ moments as our students performed with incredible levels of emotion. We are excited to announce that all Red Group pieces received Distinctions across the board.

As if all the group exams weren’t enough, we also had no less than 12 solo and duet exams running at the academy – all of whom passed with flying colours, ranging from Passes, Merits and 50% receiving Distinctions!

All the staff here at PQA Harrogate are extremely proud of our students, who have worked incredibly hard over the past number of months on these pieces and are now reaping the rewards.