PQA Harrogate AM Academy are heading to the West End again

Harrogate 28th June, 2017

PQA Harrogate AM Academy are heading to the West End again

On Saturday 3rd June, Principal Kellie called a very special meeting with parents to discuss a ‘Top Secret’ agenda about an amazing opportunity for their children!

After this meeting took place, Kellie rallied all the students together to break the wonderful news that all Main Academy students would be taken to London in 2018 to perform at the iconic Shaftesbury Theatre, West End, home to Motown the Musical, to perform their very own Musical hit written specifically for PQA!

The news was welcomed with cheers, screams and even tears, as our fabulous PQA students will get to work on their singing, dancing and acting in preparation for beginning work on the musical in the upcoming months.

We are beyond excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students, given the fantastic performance they gave last year at Her Majesty’s Theatre. What an incredible brag for our students – not only have they performed in the West End, but soon they will have performed two different shows in two different West End theatres!