PQA Enfield’s performance at the Arts Depot Theatre

Enfield 4th April, 2018

PQA Enfield’s performance at the Arts Depot Theatre

On Monday 30th April, our PQA Enfield National Theatre Connections Company, will be transferring their production of Brad Birch’s thought provoking play, ‘The Blue Electric Wind’ to The Arts Depot Studio Theatre as part of the 2018 National Theatre Connections Festival.

Directed by our Principal Will McGinley, we were thrilled to receive outstanding feedback from National Theatre Youth Director Hannah Joss who watched our production of The Blue Electric Wind at our very first Home Performance before it will be transferred to the Arts Depot Partner Theatre. In her report, she commented:

‘The performances in this production are of a particularly high standard. This is evidently a talented group of young people who have a natural affinity with Brad Birch’s particularly quick and funny dialogue. The text work in this production is of a very high standard. The performances showcased a deep understanding of the play’s natural rhythm, which is a testament to both you and the performers. The result was that every joke landed beautifully (and there’s a lot of them!). This was true throughout the whole play. This is a fun, observant and clear production of The Blue Electric Wind. As we discussed both with the group and together after the show, your production is highly effective in its ability to allow Brad’s words shine through and lead the narrative. With such a ‘wordy play’, as one of your participants put it, the choice to not crowd the text with high concept has served both the play and the performers very well. The narrative is really clear, and that is so important’.

The National Theatre Connections Festival is a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people. ‘The Blue Electric Wind’ is one of 10 brand new plays written especially for Connections by a selection of the best playwrighting talent in the UK:

Thank you to our wonderfully talented and creative students who immersed themselves into this original piece of theatre. You proved just how powerful and professional a youth company can be.