PQA Enfield students casting success

Enfield 17th November, 2015

PQA Enfield students casting success

Three students from PQA Enfield have recently been cast for great roles through Quirky Kidz.

Congratulations to Briana Shann and Emily Tasker who have been cast for roles in two highly anticipated films, whilst Jack Forino is opening Billy Elliot tonight and tomorrow as a Small Boy.

Talking about his role in Billy Elliot, Jack said “I am very proud for getting the part of small boy in Billy Elliot the Musical in London. The rehearsals have been hard work, but very rewarding and great fun. All the people I have met at Billy Elliot have helped me learn and prepare myself for my role. My opening night was amazing! I love PQA Enfield because the people there are really talented and they have helped me learn amazing stuff, like developing my singing, dancing and acting. I love all the classes at PQA because they’re so much fun and have been great training for Billy Elliot.”

Briana will be starring in I, Daniel Blake, a new production directed by award-winning Ken Loach and will play that part of Daisy, the daughter of the female lead. It is set for release in 2016.

Speaking of PQA and her new role, Briana said “PQA has made me gain confidence and self-belief, guiding me through difficult struggles through the unique modules of Comedy and Drama, Film and TV and Musical Theatre. I’ve been provided with excellent opportunities such as being part of a recent feature film in Newcastle alongside national film director Mr Ken Loach, which I am eternally grateful for”.

PQA Enfield student Emily Tasker has also been successful after being cast in Warner Brothers ‘Conjuring 2’, with filming due to start shortly in Enfield.

Emily has said “being a member of PQA really changed my perception of performing as I learn so many new things each lesson. When I first joined, I was just proud of my singing skills but as we started many different topics in acting, I found that singing wasn’t the only thing I could do. PQA inspires me to push myself further and simply to enjoy myself. It gave me many opportunities to audition for different parts and although initially I was nervous, I learnt how to manage situations like that. PQA made me realised that I could go further than I ever knew I could go”.

Speaking of the success of the students, Principal Will McGinley said, “As Principal of PQA Barnet and PQA Enfield, I am immensely proud of the amazing achievements of our students. This all the greater when you take into account the fact that we have only been open for two years. I look forward to seeing many more of our amazing students achieve the same success that Briana, Emily and Jack have in the years to come.”