PQA Enfield Presents ‘A Festival Of Shakespeare Plays’ At Capel Manor Gardens Amphitheatre


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Enfield 3rd July, 2019

PQA Enfield Presents ‘A Festival Of Shakespeare Plays’ At Capel Manor Gardens Amphitheatre

At PQA Enfield, we always strive to create brilliant and incredible theatre that provides valuable training and a range of performance experiences for our students. We also strive to offer an experience to our audiences that is special and memorable. We could have all sat down and watched ‘A Festival Of Shakespeare Plays’ in a studio theatre but we wanted our main academy students to be part of something special. We wanted our audience to remember our show, not only for the amazing talent and creativity that we have at PQA Enfield, but also for the experience of seeing all three Shakespeare Plays; Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Nights Dream and Macbeth, being performed in a beautiful open air amphitheatre.

The rehearsal process included lots of vocal lessons and explorations of themes and characters within the plays. Our rehearsals focussed heavily on creating meaning and truth in the characterisation. Students skills were also developed vocally and physically so that they could perform with confidence in a large outdoor space.

Challenges that come with the choice of space included weather worries and sound. We were fortunate to experience perfect bright weather on the day of the show and an amphitheatre that generates electricity so that we could use music to enhance the mood and the atmosphere of all three plays. Our sound technician worked hard on getting the sound and all 20 head mics perfect for our space. The private enclosed setting of the amphitheatre also ensured that our event remained intimate.

For both the AM & PM Groups, myself, (Principal Will McGinley!) directed ‘Macbeth’ and ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ and Vice Principal Xenia McGinley directed ‘Romeo and Juliet’. If that wasn’t enough, we also produced both shows, working meticulously to ensure the smooth running of the event.

A Trinity College examiner also joined us on the day of the show and assessed all 6 groups for their Grade 3 Plays in Production Trinity Group Exams and we are delighted to share with you that all 6 groups passed with a Distinction. This is a huge testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment that has gone into this amazing production from everyone involved.

We hope you enjoy some of our production pictures below: