PQA Enfield outstanding Trinity exam results


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Enfield 31st October, 2017

PQA Enfield outstanding Trinity exam results

On Sunday 22nd October, PQA Enfield students performed in a specially written musical comedy ‘The Lazy Ace’ to a full house of family and friends at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

We are delighted to announce that our students were awarded a very high Distinction for their Musical Theatre In Production exam of ‘The Lazy Ace’.

The production was assessed on the following criteria, each of which were marked out of 20:
Group Dynamic (interaction between performers, ensemble sequences, group movement, choric work, group singing)
Performances – (audibility, physicality, individual characterisation, ability to sustain a role)
Staging – (Direction, choreography, effective use of stage, blocking, clarity of storytelling)
Design – (Costume, props, programme, set)
Technical – (Lighting and sound design, sound effects, live mixing).
We were delighted to receive an overall mark of 93/100.

The examiner commented, “The cast supported each other very well and successfully integrated a wide range of skills at a very high level. Direction of this group was particularly strong and imaginative. Choreography was suitably complex and challenged the students who responded to it with accuracy. There was a detailed approach to the narrative so that the story was clear and convincing. Set and costume design was of a strong and professional standard and had been prepared with care. A colourful glossy programme was informative and of an appropriate West End standard. The performance was impressive and must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to organise. The cast will have benefited greatly from appearing in an original musical and performing it on the stage where ‘Phantom of the Opera’ currently plays. The production was very enjoyable to watch and fully engaged the audience.”