PQA Edinburgh in more film success

Edinburgh 28th March, 2017

PQA Edinburgh in more film success

PQA Edinburgh AM Blue Group film ‘Samantha Glamorous’ was voted the best overall film at the 2016 Scottish Youth Film Festival Awards.

Students from our AM Blue group attended the festival and had the opportunity to take part in workshops with industry professionals and see all the other entries submitted, and of course to collect their award and prizes!

As they all decided it was too difficult to split the prizes between the group, all the students agreed to donate their prizes to the PQA Edinburgh ‘Lazy Ace’ travel fund to be raffled at a later date. What an amazing bunch!

As well as success at the Scottish Youth Film Festival, The Door by PQA Edinburgh Red AM was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival and The Door, Choices, Samantha Glamorous and The Time Piece have all been selected to be screened at the Central Film Festival in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

International recognition for all your talent and hard work, well done to all of our students and team once again!