PQA Earlsfield Students Write Blogs!

Earlsfield 25th March, 2020

PQA Earlsfield Students Write Blogs!

Over the course of the coming weeks PQA students will be submitting blog posts, reflecting on their time at PQA!

First up, Red Group’s Elizabeth!

My favourite memory at PQA is either my first day or doing the monologue slam! On my first day, everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome, I instantly felt part of a big family. I also loved doing the monologue slam because monologues weren’t really something that I focused on before. It was really interesting to see how differently everyone interpreted their monologues and made them unique.

Doing G4 Christmas was a very big high for me. It was a fantastic opportunity to sing with 4 individuals within the industry. Everyone was in such high spirits during the festive time, the venue was also beautiful!

The best thing about coming to PQA on a Saturday is being with so many likeminded people who love to do the same things as me. All of my friends are super talented people who inspire and push me to keep getting better. It is 3 hours a week where I am at my happiest, and not thinking about anything else going on in my life.

I adore every module at PQA but out of the 3, my absolute favourite is definitely musical theatre! It is a chance for me to fully express myself as I love to sing and move about, I hate standing still! We have created some really great work in the past e.g. High School Musical and staging a song from We Will Rock You (Somebody to Love). Currently, we are working on one of my favourite theatre songs ever – You Will Be Found – Dear Evan Hansen!

My time at PQA has taught me about using and operating camera equipment, the different roles within the film industry and most importantly confidence! I am extremely grateful that am able to attend PQA Earlsfield as it is a stepping stone to my future. I hope that many others also hoping to get into the industry get an opportunity like this!

Elizabeth – Red Group