PQA Dulwich Red group win the Well Versed film competition

Dulwich 5th June, 2014

PQA Dulwich Red group win the Well Versed film competition

PQA Dulwich Red Group has been selected to feature in a national online safety campaign film, designed to get teenagers working together to keep themselves safer on the web.

The film, which features web safety tips from teenagers from across the UK, was screened as part of the Well Versed campaign at a special event at Google HQ this week, attended by YouTube stars, MPs and us! The Well Versed campaign is fronted by YouTube storytelling star KickThePJ, whose teenage audience totals over half a million subscribers.

Red Group wrote a short film in verse, which was then edited by PJ, alongside the other winning entries, to create a wonderful film. The premiere event at Google Headquarters was an incredibly exciting experience. Students were given a tour of Google and the Youtube studios before settling down to watch their film being screened.

YouTube creator, KickthePJ, said: “My success with making films flourished when people started using the internet to get their voice heard, or to hear what others had say. It’s the most collaborative, diverse and adaptable means of communication that’s ever been invented, and the internet generation knows it’s full of wonderful things. It’s been great to see teens in London and all over the country get involved, get online, and talk to each other about how to make the best of the internet and stay safe and happy whilst they do so.”

We are very proud of our Red Group in producing such a great film that could be included in this prestigious event.

Watch the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhtVZbIQp14&list=UUavTVjugW1OejDAq0aDzdMw