PQA Cambridge’s Trinity success


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Cambridge 16th May, 2017

PQA Cambridge’s Trinity success

PQA Cambridge is thrilled to announce that every single one of our students who took part in The Lazy Ace, received grade five distinction in Musical Theatre from Trinity College London for their incredible performance!

Our examiner loved the production, which all students took part in on 2nd April – enough to award all of our students the highest mark possible!

Trinity College London is an internationally acclaimed examining body which conducts performing arts exams all around the world, with grades counting towards UCAS – The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Our students can now take this certificate with them, and include it on CVs for the rest of their lives.

Distinction is the highest achievable pass and is a huge testament to the excellent work and performances that our students gave on the night.

As part of membership to PQA, we offer every one of our students Trinity College London exams every year, at no extra charge. These exams are taken at different grades each year, based on the age and experience of our students. Because we were fortunate enough to perform something as a whole academy, including ages 6 to 18, we were able to enter all students at Grade 5, which is an incredible (and ambitious) accomplishment! We are so proud of every one of our students and can’t wait to do more next year!