PQA Bristol – what a fantastic year


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Bristol 16th July, 2015

PQA Bristol – what a fantastic year

As we come to the end of the Academic year, I would just like to look back over what we have achieved and experienced.

Within the last year we produced our first ever Cinema Screening in November 2014 at The Showcase De Lux; creating a real red carpet experience to watch all the students’ film pieces. We had the brilliant Graham Seed from The Archers visit us and teach us about radio acting. The very energetic Carl from Nickeolodeon’s show Go!Go!Go! showed us how to be pop stars. The Red Group went to London and has a masterclass with the Head Principal herself, Pauline Quirke as well as with the cast of Avenue Q. We’ve had students successfully audition for national adverts and local music videos as well as the lead of an independent film. The whole Academy including Poppets took their first Trinity Exams and passed with brilliant results.
What is to come?
Well, PQA Bristol AM will be performing in the heart of London’s West End next May in PQA’s
brand new full musical The Lazy Ace. We will have a very fun Masterclass next term (details under
wraps for the moment!) plus two theatre trips to see Mary Poppins and Mamma Mia. We will also
be working on our entries for the PQA Empire Film Festival 2016.
We will be opening PQA Bristol PM session on Saturday September 19th 2015.
As usual, none of this could happen without my fantastic team current and past; Faye, Michaela,
Livvie, Sam, Ben, Matt, Amy, Rosie, George, Fiona, Tamar and Gabriel and of course our amazing
students and their supportive parents.