Pauline Quirke comes to PQA Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead 23rd March, 2015

Pauline Quirke comes to PQA Hemel Hempstead

PQA Hemel Hempstead were given the opportunity to workshop a brand new West End show which is to be rolled out nationwide amongst all PQA Academies.

AM & PM Academies joined forces to present the workshop to a panel of VIP guests from PQA head office including Director Steve Sheen, Creative Team Adam Davenport, Eddie Dredge and all decision makers Miles, Karen, Moo, Kristie, Lucy attended the workshop. Also in attendance was the face behind our amazing school Head Principal, Mrs Pauline Quirke.

At the end of the performance with a tear in her eye, she congratulated PQA Hemel Hempstead staff and students for one of the biggest achievements to date.

‘Showcasing these kids talents to a whole panel of industry professionals was incredible and to be able to pull off this mammoth project in only 6 Saturdays was a testament to the professional approach and teaching that all the students at my Academy receive’ David – Principal PQA Hemel Hempstead.

PQA’s new West End show will be rolled out very soon. Watch this space.