Wolverhampton 21st September, 2022


Students in the academies red groups will be taking part in the hugely
exciting National Theatre Connections project this year, putting on
brand new plays and competing for a chance to perform at the
National Theatre…

PQA Wolverhampton is always on the lookout to bring new and exciting
opportunities to their students and this year is no exception. In the past PQA
has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and London’s West End, we have a
regular association with the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and
students have performed with opera companies and singers.
In 2022-23 we are proud to offer our students the chance to work on and
perform a brand new play as part of the National Theatre Connections
project, in fact it will be 2 Brand New Plays as both the AM and PM
academies will be separately involved.

Our AM academy will be working with Stranger Like Me by Ed Harris and
PM will face The Heights by Lisa McGee. Students will prepare and
rehearse them for performance locally in February before we join other
participating drama groups with performances at prestigious theatres
nationwide in a Festival Format. Finally, if selected, students may have the
opportunity to perform at the NT itself on London’s South Bank.

“This is a huge opportunity for our students”, said principal Julian Elcock.
“Last year we took a very ambitious performance to a national Drama
Festival but this is on a whole new level. Taking a never before staged play
and effectively creating it from just the script is challenging but hugely
rewarding, everyone is so excited to be bringing this opportunity to our

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your child to take part in such events
and more, contact [email protected] or 07838115152 to
request a free taster session, simply tell us your child’s name, age and
whether classes at 10am or 2pm suits you most.

PQA Wolverhampton