Musical Madness Summer School!

Harrogate 10th August, 2021

Musical Madness Summer School!

Every year we look forward to ending our term with our EXCITING PQA Summer School! In the past, we have produced shows in a week such as Matilda, Wicked, Aladdin and Legally Blonde, which have all been hugely successful! Unfortunately, last year COVID-19 caused the cancellation of our planned Summer School, but fast-forward to 2021 and we were determined to create an INCREDIBLY EXCITING Summer School for our students to enjoy! It had been so long since we got to indulge ourselves in a week-long musical theatre adventure and we were determined to cram as much FUN into it as possible!

While we desperately wanted to perform another musical in a week, we were also mindful that we had to run Summer School safely and securely, so we made some changes in-line with Government advice on the pandemic. We decided to swap out our ‘show in a week’ for a wonderful ‘musical madness week’, and we swapped out the live performance for a recorded one, which was different but actually super exciting for everyone involved!

Across only FOUR DAYS, our PQA Summer School students worked on an ASTOUNDING 21 musical numbers (impressive right?!), before spending our fifth and final day working on-set with our FANTASTIC Film & Television crew, creating an INCREDIBLE one-hour musical concert for family and friends to enjoy watching from the comfort of their own homes!
The challenges we faced in no way takes away, but rather adds to, the awe I have of what these young performers produced, and the show they succeeded in putting together! After being out of the spotlight for so long this was an incredibly challenging task for every single performer. Each and every student stepped in-front of the camera being themselves and being amazing, proving to us all that THE SHOW MUST DEFINITELY GO ON!

We couldn’t have asked for a better end to our term at PQA and we like to think that the greatest achievement of all, was the fact that our students got to spend a whole week doing something that they love. We now look ahead to next term when we will be holding an Open Day for new students to come along and enjoy a FREE session at PQA ahead of beginning work on our upcoming production, High School Musical!

If you would like to book a FREE place on our upcoming Open Day on Saturday 4th September, simply give me a call or drop me an email. In the meantime, you can click here to order your free Info Pack.

Be Yourself. Be Amazing!

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