Monologue Slam Success at PQA Scarborough!

Scarborough 15th December, 2020

Monologue Slam Success at PQA Scarborough!

We had our WONDERFUL PQA Monologue Slam event on Sunday 13th December with our guest judge Lori Suzanne Kellett. Every single student performed wonderfully – it was very clear that a lot of hard work had gone into the pieces, particularly with 2 of the 3 rehearsal weeks happening on PQA LIVE!

Lori selected our local winners, who will now go on to self-tape their monologues with Kirsty & Vic and will have their pieces sent to PQA HQ… then some of the best entries from around the country will be invited to a very special National Monologue Slam event in 2021!

Well done to our winners:
Green Group: Imogen
Blue Group: Scarlett
Red Group: Chloe

green pqa scarborough blue pqa scarborough red pqa scarborough