It’s going to be a busy term for PQA Maidstone


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Maidstone 9th October, 2018

It’s going to be a busy term for PQA Maidstone

In Comedy and Drama –
This week we start a 5-week project with Jared called Understanding Given Circumstance- vital skills for acting.
You can read up about Jared here –

The 3rd of November we start …
The Monologue Slam! A 4-week project where all groups learn a monologue set by Head Office.
On the 4th Week (8th December after all our shows at Dickensian Christmas Markets) we will have a guest judge in and the winner will be decided.
The winner will be filmed at a later date and then sent into PQA Head Office to be put into the final where they will select 30 students.
The 30 selected students around the country will be invited to travel to London for the PQA Monologue Slam national event (date/venue TBC). The event will include a workshop/rehearsal time before performing to an invited audience (including industry professionals) and parents/guardians.
After this all this vital prep work, we will be ready for Trinity Guildhall Exams for Scripts which we will take in May 2019.

Musical Theatre –

Our dates to perform at Rochester Dickens Christmas Markets are:
30th November
7th December
We have started rehearsals for the Musical White Christmas for this performance.

TV and Film –
We are currently in Pre Production and skills building work in these sessions. Each week we look at a different genre and you can see some classwork on our Facebook page – PQA Maidstone.
On the 14th December one group will be filming for the whole 3 hours. We are just deciding on the best idea and script that is the readiest to go!
Next term, there will be location shoots for each colour group – please could we make a plea to any parents who might own a business or know someone that could lend us a location on a Friday evening. Thanks in advance!
We are hoping to do our first Cinema Screening in the Summer.

Also, way in the future but super excited to tell you we will be performing on the 28th September 2019 at The Forester Theatre Tonbridge for a Gala Evening. Rehearsals will start in the new year in Musical Theatre!