PQA Torbay – Fun for the Whole Family

Torbay 25th August, 2022

PQA Torbay – Fun for the Whole Family

We have many students at PQA who come as a family, perhaps one would start then other would get curious and then they all end up coming – which is helped by the sibling discount.


It makes showtime for parents double or triple the fun seeing so many of their children onstage or on the big screen. Often getting family portraits taken together on the Red Carpet in their glad rags!


“I have 3 girls who attend PQA Torbay and have had such amazing opportunities over the last few years to perform on the West End Stage and now looking forward to returning to London this summer. The mixture of drama, tv and singing gives the variety and has increased their confidence so much. The staff are so committed and enthusiastic and this rubs off on the children.”


“Both my sons have been part of PQA Torbay over 6 years now and having a brilliant time. PQA Torbay is an amazing place for children to grow confidence and learn life skills while having lots of fun. How does it get any better than that? Totally recommend!”