Benefits of performing arts classes in Sheffield

Sheffield 27th February, 2020

Benefits of performing arts classes in Sheffield

Children change their minds as often as they change their socks, and in Sheffield there are plenty of clubs for kids to choose.

From sports clubs like swimming and karate, to something a bit different such as an animation class for kids or Performing Arts lessons in Sheffield. At PQA Sheffield, our students work on our core three modules, Musical Theatre, Comedy and Drama and Film and Television which leaves our students with more life skills and experiences than you may realize.

Getting up on stage and performing to a packed audience takes a great deal of confidence, a skill that will be carried with a child throughout their life. They may not grow up to be an actor, but how about a Lawyer? A business owner delivering a pitch? Or a Head of Department leading a presentation?

The ability to stand with confidence in front of a room of people is a skill for life and at PQA, it’s a skill that the children don’t even realize they are mastering whilst they are having fun with their friends. It’s the parents sat proudly in the audience, watching their eight-year-old deliver the opening solo line and thinking, how does my child have the confidence to do that? Where did that come from?

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Singing releases endorphins and is proven to lift mood. What better way to spend a weekend than singing your heart out next to your friends? In our Musical Theatre lessons, our students work on dance routines and musical numbers from West End and Broadway shows and classic pop songs. The musical theatre classes at PQA Sheffield will leave a child full of joy, and you may be surprised at the effects of the singing lessons too and find yourself parenting an Adele in the making!

Performing arts classes requires children to work together, strengthening their social and team-building skills. Often in theatre lessons, children are required to think outside of the box and problem solve. They may be creating a scene at a theme park and need to create a rollercoaster. Suddenly, six chairs and their imagination creates the most thrilling ride. Thinking creatively to solve a problem is a skill that children can use across all paths of life.

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The benefits of performing arts are endless, but don’t just take our word for it. We offer free taster sessions at PQA Sheffield, so your child can experience a taste of PQA and discover the benefits for themselves. Who knows? Your child could end up leading presentations, pitching hit business ideas or performing in front of thousands, but the skills learnt at PQA will never be wasted.

PQA Sheffield is a dedicated performing arts school at the Sheffield Springs Academy with classes for kids and young adults in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre (singing & dancing) and Film & Television.

To find out more about PQA Sheffield, you can contact the Principal at [email protected] or call 0800 531 6282. Alternatively, please click the link below to visit the Academy page.