Alice’s Adventure at PQA – An Online Adventure


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Ealing 31st July, 2021

Alice’s Adventure at PQA – An Online Adventure

Alice’s Adventures at PQA is an interactive journey through Wonderland where you will get to meet all the characters as you discover why the Queen of Hearts is so angry today! The choice you make will determine a different journey so feel free to visit again to see what else there is to enjoy in Wonderland.

The story was designed and written by Joe Hufton as part of a collaboration between PQA and legendary theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, who specialise in immersive theatre experiences. This has now been adapted by PQA Ealing and Principal Ryan Van Champion as an online adventure for family and friends to enjoy during COVID times when we cannot be with you in person.

The students have worked hard for months to bring these bizarre characters to life so we hope you will enjoy the creativity and magic that they have brought to the production. So get your Alice’s Shrinking Potions in hand and your Queen of Hearts Tarts at the ready…

Academy members can access the interactive performance at using the login details provided via your ticket email. Or contact the Academy for a reminder. We hope you enjoy the madness within!