Bolton 3rd May, 2019


My experience at the Atkinson was amazing!

I was one of the Alice’s as there was three of us.

We sang, danced and acted – it was great.

One of my favourite parts of the whole show was when we got head mics. I felt like a proper actor on west end!! There was a scene where my mic battery died! That sensation where I was meant to be on stage, but I was in the wings getting my battery changed; I was so nervous! As I stepped back on all those nerves left me…it was such a relief to be on the stage.

I performed as well as I could, even though I scuffed up a bit with some words. It was a great show.

At the end of the show, the audience roared.

It was outstanding; everyone’s faces on the stage lit up with a massive smile.

What a great night to remember 😊

By Leah Thompson – blogger of the month entry. 24th April 2019