A PQA Day In The Life Of Ryan, Our Brilliant Film & TV Assistant

Plymouth 21st January, 2022

A PQA Day In The Life Of Ryan, Our Brilliant Film & TV Assistant

While no two Saturday’s at PQA Plymouth are ever the same, the routine before students arrive is the same each week. Depending on what is planned for each Film & TV session, I can be found either setting up the room with various film equipment (camera, lights, sound equipment, green screen) or I’m in the main reception area helping the rest of the PQA team set up for signing in. When everything is ready to go, we usually end up in the assembly room for a briefing from Sam, the Principal, before our students arrive.

Last Saturday (15th January) was an open day at PQA Plymouth. This is always an exciting time as we get to meet lots of new faces and potential additions to our PQA family. After our warm-up assembly (which I thoroughly enjoy, I promise!) I took the Green Group to the Film & TV room. As it was an open day, we wanted to show off what incredible equipment we have here at the academy. So, this week we had a full green screen studio set-up and are ready to get creative with! For the Green Group, we split them into pairs and asked them to think of a superhero and accompanying superpowers – this could be their favourite existing hero or a completely new one from their own creative imaginations. Then each pair had the chance to display their superhero abilities in front of the camera on the green screen. The rest of the group had to guess what superhero they were and what superpowers they had – great fun! Meanwhile, other members of the Green Group had a go on various bits of filming equipment. Some of them used the camera and filmed the superhero’s performances, while others focused on capturing great audio of their dialogue. Some of the Green’s even had a go at directing the set (and that’s no easy task so well done to those that gave it a go).

Both the Red and the Blue group faced similar lessons in Film & TV for the open day. The Blue group worked in pairs to come up with a short scene about meeting on a park bench. They had the freedom to choose what this involved and it could be as silly as they wanted. Just like the Green Group, the Blue’s rotated between roles on the filming equipment.

The Red Group had to come up with a scene that involved meeting in a café. Again, they were given the opportunity to be as creative as they wanted.

The idea behind these tasks was to not only demonstrate the equipment to those attending the open day, but also to get the groups thinking about coming up with unique stories and characters for when it comes to creating their own films.

Oh… did we mention that there’s a five week film challenge starting THIS Saturday?

At the end of the three sessions we all meet back in the assembly room for a farewell and to give out the POW and FOW certificates. This is always a highlight as it’s a chance to celebrate the amazing achievements of students each week. A huge congratulations to those that received a POW or FOW certificate on Saturday, and to those that have received one previously and to those that receive one in the future.

The day ends with students signing out and the PQA team packing away their own rooms and the sign-in area. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in PQA and to see the students develop individually and as an academy. I look forward to my Saturday mornings each week and I can’t wait to see what the students come up with for their five week film challenge!