Sutton (South London) 28th May, 2019


We can’t believe it, but PQA Sutton has been welcoming students for ten years now. To celebrate we have asked some of our former students to tell us about their experiences at PQA. First up is Fabienne who now teaches with us:

How old were you when you joined PQA – what group were you in?
I was around 15 years old when I joined PQA Sutton, which automatically put me in Red group – where I happened to be the eldest.

Do you remember why you joined? What were you hoping to get from PQA?
The reason I joined was that I had always loved the arts when I was younger and had definitely at that time had a huge interest in acting. I knew that I wanted to take it further, possibly into a career. So, when my mum had presented the opportunity for me to attend PQA, I was truly excited.

Do you have a favourite project you took part in? What did you enjoy about it?
I definitely enjoyed being a part of the American Dream production – It gave me the opportunity to sing, dance and act. I loved the thrill of performing at Her Majesty’s theatre and until today I can still remember getting prepared backstage and making sure I remembered all of my lines as I had a lead role.

Are you still in contact with students from your time at PQA?
After going to University, I had lost contact with many of the friends I had made at PQA but was happy to get back in contact with some recently and glad to know that they have stayed in the Arts too.

What are you doing now?
I currently have my own business working with young people teaching performance techniques, confidence building and audition preparation within the Arts. It is a joy to work with young people who love it as much as I do. I also am very pleased to be back at PQA Sutton as the Comedy and Drama teacher, it is fun to now have the shoe on the other foot. Though the faces may have changed, the passion of the students remain the same and that is something to look forward to every week.

Has PQA helped you with your current work/study? If so how?
Attending PQA definitely helped towards the work that I do today. It was the first place that inspired me to work with young people who love to be creative. I knew the influence PQA had on me and I wanted to be able to influence others too through my experience.

What advice would you give current students at PQA?
To the current students at PQA, my advice would be to start recognising that all the information you gain as you grow is precious. This is to say, know that everything you have learned is all worth knowing because that will be what will help determine your future choices.