Become a Principal


At PQA we are proud to be different. We celebrate diversity, champion individuality and we believe to our very core in nurturing the next generation of talent. Whether that talent is found in the children that we teach, or in the Principals running our academies.

We take a unique approach to teaching performing arts, offering contemporary subjects that have evolved with the times. Our approach to owning an academy is equally distinctive and cutting edge.

We know that the prospect of starting a business can be scary.

Whilst we all long for the freedom that comes with building something of our own - it can be hard to find financing and intimidating to take that leap of faith alone. Particularly if you’ve little experience in having run a business before, and worry you lack the skills needed.

So how about doing it with the support and financial backing of a business with over 15 years of experience. One that has helped more than 200 people just like you to take that step into their future.

At PQA we believe in a genuine partnership and providing an easier route to business for professionals from the performing arts industry. We allow your creativity to flourish, and for you to do what you do best – instilling confidence and sharing your passion for performing arts.

In the meantime, we won't charge you any upfront fees, in fact we will invest in you!

“Since 2007 PQA has provided training in performing arts in an environment that is both friendly and rewarding. My team and I think we’ve put together a really different performing arts experience.  I hope we can welcome you into the PQA family soon.” - Pauline Quirke MBE


We are often asked if we are a Franchise business, and because we believe in thinking differently, we are proud to say that we are not. Here’s why…

Unlike every other Performing Arts franchise - YOU DON’T PAY AN UPFRONT FRANCHISE FEE

In fact, quite the opposite - we actually invest in you – your academy launch marketing will be fully funded by us. What this means is that we provide the best pathway to running a business, without the financial obstacles that may have got in your way.

We share in your success - as you grow, we grow - so we are with you every step of the way… and we really mean it!


Owning a PQA is a chance to be your own boss and do something that you truly want to do. Something that makes a difference to the lives of children and young people. Now imagine combining that with the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted and a chance to make significant financial returns.

As a PQA Principal, you have the opportunity to run your business the way that you want to. Fit the business around the hours that are suitable for your lifestyle and reclaim ownership of your work/life balance.

As the Principal of your academy, you will manage a team of amazing teachers, set the creative content and look after the welfare of your students. You will also benefit from:

     An exclusive territory to operate your PQA within
     The most comprehensive pre-opening support in the industry
     Up to £10,000 of marketing - fully funded and managed by us
     Assistance in finding and negotiating your venue and recruiting your teachers
     A hugely experienced team at PQA HQ
     Five days residential training on how to run the business
     A dedicated Business Manager
     Your own academy page on the PQA website
     An online state of the art booking system for your customers
     A cutting edge cloud based IT system that allows you to seamlessly manage your business
     A free laptop as part of your starter pack
     The ongoing support of an amazing network of peers

We also firmly believe that we should let the creativity of our Principals and teachers shine. That’s why we do all boring bits for you. 

What do the numbers look like?

Because we take away the initial financial burden and reduce the upfront risk, starting with PQA is the most inexpensive way to set up your own Performing Arts Academy by some distance.

Typical startup costs for a PQA are as low as £4,750 - that’s 80% lower than some of the traditional performing arts franchises - avoiding the need for costly loans at expensive interest rates.

What's more, the PQA model means that you are immediately able to generate cash, and we can boast financial returns in line with the best in the industry.

As you grow, over time your business will also become an asset that you can choose to sell when the time is right for you.

Next Steps

We know there is a lot to consider - and you probably have loads of questions about how all this will work. Simply fill in the form, and we will arrange a chance to chat at a time that works for you.

No hard sell. No pressure. We are here to help.

We want the right people in our network. People that believe in our vision and share our dream of changing the lives of children and young people across the country. If this sounds like you, then take that first step and reach out.

Simply give us a few details below, and we will be in touch!