PQA Wolverhampton hits the red carpet


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Wolverhampton 29th November, 2023

PQA Wolverhampton hits the red carpet

PQA Wolverhampton students attended Birmingham’s IMAX cinema at Millennium Point on Sunday to watch their films. It’s the second biggest cinema screen in the UK! Due to a long-standing relationship with the Birmingham Film Festival, Principal Julian has been running a special session of films made by young filmmakers at PQA for the last four years. The academy screens the films as part of this large-scale event.

With over 120 students and parents present, it was a fabulous event. PQA students arrived on the Red Carpet where their photographs were taken by our official photographer. There was tea and coffee for everyone to enjoy before the doors opened to the main auditorium.

Students saw their films projected onto the big screen in the IMAX at full scale, in three sessions lasting over two and a half hours. After the films were screened, the audience made their way to the presentation area where the winners were announced and received their trophies.

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