Our students work with the best in the business and learn things they wouldn't find anywhere else! We arrange visits from specialist tutors and professionals at the top of their relative fields to deliver a range of masterclasses for our students. These tutors run sessions for us often between their work on well-known TV programmes, Hollywood movies, West End shows and music videos.

Our Classes

How to be a TV Presenter - TV presenting is much harder than it looks! This masterclass introduces our students to the foundation skills needed to eventually become a TV presenter, led by an industry professional who presents for a major UK broadcaster.

Stage and Screen Combat - An essential skill for any actor! This workshop looks at the basics of stage and screen combat. Students learn the techniques actors use to make a fight scene between characters seem convincing, whilst remaining completely safe.

Screen to Stage Makeup Transformations - This masterclass gives students the opportunity to produce a fantastical make-up transformation into their favourite on-screen characters.

Cartoon Voiceover - In this masterclass, students will learn some simple vocal techniques which they can use as tools to transform their voices.

Rap & Poetry - This is a workshop in which students are taught simple techniques that they can use to plan and structure both rap lyrics and poetry.

Musical Theatre – We have a range of masterclasses available from West End performers who have been in shows including Hairspray, Wicked, Les Misérables,  We Will Rock You and Matilda to name a few.

Costume Design - This masterclass delves into the backstage role of Costume Design. Students will learn how the development of costumes can help them find the essence of a character.


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