Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Module

Our Musical Theatre module is a combination of acting, singing and dance, taught in an engaging environment for students of all abilities! We teach these elements together in a layered approach so to create vibrant and believable characters and enhance our students' storytelling and performance skills.

Our students are taught by professional Musical Theatre performers and learn a wide range of vocal and dance techniques which gives them the ability to pass from dialogue to song and dance seamlessly within the performance process.

Our teachers strive to keep their lessons relevant and exciting, working on hit numbers from some of the best loved musicals.


At PQA, we know that singing can sometimes be scary! We strive to build our students' confidence in singing in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. Students learn a wide variety of songs, from well-known musical theatre numbers to pop songs by the latest recording artists so there is sure to be something for everyone.

We teach the importance of safe vocal practice by enabling our students to understand the way in which sound is produced and how to adapt that sound to sing confidently in different musical styles.

If you've never sung before, don't worry! Most of our singing is in groups and nobody is ever put on the spot unless you want to be.

Movement & Dance

Our experienced teachers choreograph exciting dances and movement sequences for all capabilities and work hard to incorporate the interests of their young performers, allowing our student's talent to blossom.

All students develop their technique every week through a warm up designed to condition the body to be strong and safe, and by learning the choreography and staging for a variety of genres.

Acting Through Song & Dance

Acting is at the heart of all we do and we devote time to fully immerse our students into the world of the musical in the same way we would a play.

Storytelling in Musical Theatre is vital. Students are encouraged to create exciting characters and taught to understand the setting and context of the pieces they are performing.


Imagine the thrill of performing on stage at a top West End Theatre! We give our students the amazing opportunity to do just that by performing in a musical specially written for PQA, presented at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the heart of London’s West End. For many of our students, the West End season is the highlight of the PQA experience.

For parents, the experience of seeing their children performing on the same stage as 'Phantom of the Opera' is unlike any other and one they are not likely to forget.

As well as our West End seasons, our students also get to perform in regular performance opportunities at their Academies and in regional and community theatres.


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