Film & Television

Film & Television Module

Film & Television is an integral part of PQA for our students and a unique part of the PQA experience.

It is important to us that our students experience a module that is industry-led, taught by professional filmmakers covering the craft of film and television, production, and screen acting. They use industry-standard equipment in a fun and practical environment. Our students are always learning and using their creativity to tell wonderful, original stories.

The Film & Television experience at PQA gives children and young people an excellent introduction to development, pre-production and production techniques by creating, filming, and screening short films of their own. Students take on roles in front of and behind the camera, working in production company teams which mirror how professional film sets are run!

This module develops student's filmmaking abilities but also skills they can use in life such as: teamwork, communication and problem solving.

Acting for Camera

Acting for camera is a completely different skill to acting onstage and is something our students love to explore. We encourage students to take on the challenge of bringing characters to life in an understated and naturalistic way just like they see on their favourite films and TV shows.

Students learn to develop a truthful, emotional connection to character that can then be captured through the camera lens to create amazing performances.


All our Academies use state-of-the-art camera equipment which the students are taught how to use.

As well as acting for camera, students are encouraged to explore a variety of roles including: producing, directing, operating the camera, recording sound, designing costumes and applying make-up. By providing these opportunities students get to experience roles they didn't even know existed, inspiring new interests and sometimes even dream jobs!

PQA students also develop their creative writing by working as a team to turn their concepts into storyboards and seeing these ideas through to production.


We have partnerships with major cinema chains such as VUE, Cineworld, and Everyman where every Academy hosts red carpet Cinema Screening and Awards events for students to celebrate their work with family and friends on the big screen!

PQA students also have the opportunity to participate in free, regional film festival events at flagship cinemas with screenings, masterclasses, workshops, and awards.

PQA’s National Film Awards is our high-profile red carpet screening event in London’s Leicester Square every two years.

PQA TV, our very own online TV channel, serves as a platform for young filmmakers and actors to showcase short films to a wider audience. These are also broadcast on our PQATV YouTube Channel. is also the place for PQA to share news and developments in Film & Television providing amazing opportunities for young filmmakers such as: PQA Script to Screen, a week-long residential filmmaking course, and One Minute to Save the World, a filmmaking initiative run in partnership with the Children’s Media Conference to offer industry mentoring for new talent.

PQATV also runs competitions for students throughout the year to help hone our young filmmakers, these include the 5-week film challenge, 10-second film competition and our young screenwriting competition, where one lucky young filmmaker and their friends get to produce a short film based on their script with a professional crew.

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