PQA Ealing’s Poppets performance!

Ealing 8th August, 2023

PQA Ealing’s Poppets performance!

Several weeks ago, we climbed aboard a pirate ship for Poppets of the Caribbean, our last Poppet show. This week, we took a dive below the waves, and headed to an underwater adventure in The Little Mer-Poppet.

The Poppets were OUTSTANDING, and should all be very proud of themselves. It was great seeing such big personalities take to the stage as our students get more confident at each performance and we can see this shining through.

There were some amazing vocals in our songs and the professionalism that the Poppets are building in class each week is really coming through in how they approached the acting, singing, and dancing in this show.

We had so much fun, and I think we can see that all our Poppets did too, considering how big everyone’s smiles were at the end of the show!

This was a fantastic last performance before our students get some well-deserved rest before summer, and we look forward to seeing everybody back in September.