PQA Achievement Weekend

HQ News 21st September, 2023

PQA Achievement Weekend

At PQA we love to celebrate the achievements of our students, reward the commitment that they make to their training at our academies each week and recognise their progression. That’s why we have partnered with RSL, providers of innovative, contemporary qualifications for the creative industries, for our bespoke Stage & Screen Awards, which we have put together to celebrate our students this September!

Developing skills and confidence

The RSL PQA Stage & Screen Awards have been exclusively designed to give our students skills, knowledge and understanding of the performing arts. They demonstrate and celebrate each child’s progress as they develop the techniques necessary to move up a grade each year. Assessments take place throughout the year in a relaxed setting. They focus on each individual student’s strengths, allowing them to showcase their full potential!

Moving through sixteen different grades, our students can either work as solo performers or in a group. The awards aim to offer practical structured learning, but with the flexibility to specialise in different disciplines. These qualifications are just one of the ways that PQA helps your child develop skills and techniques valuable to higher education courses in drama, musical theatre or film and television, in both performing and non-performing fields.

Celebrating amazing achievements

This year we are delighted to have awarded over 8500 students. We are very proud of each and every one of them and look forward to celebrating with them over Achievement Weekend and beyond, when they receive their qualifications at their academies!

PQA provides performing arts tuition that is enjoyable, fun and builds confidence. PQA believes that skills learned on stage, screen, backstage and behind the cameras help children to realise their full potential and blossom into confident young people. Working together on RSL PQA Stage & Screen Awards allows students at PQA to be rewarded for their brilliant achievements and we can’t wait to celebrate.

We hope you will join us by celebrating on social media – post up your pictures using the hashtag #PQAchievement.

Well done everyone for a hugely successful year!


All of our RSL PQA qualifications are open to PQA students as part of their membership. Two qualifications are available: RSL PQA Stage and Screen Awards from Grades 1-8 Individual and Grades 1-8 Group Awards.
In addition to technical skills, students develop presentation and communication skills, as well as increased confidence. If you’d like your child to benefit from this fantastic opportunity, contact your nearest academy
here today.