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We are so pleased to be able to offer PQA Live to our extended PQA family of wonderful students. When possible, our academies are open following the Out of School Setting (OSS) guidelines, but we realise that due to national and local restriction there will be occasions when your child is unable to attend their classes as usual.


To ensure your child never misses a class, we have developed PQA Live which offer our students the option to attend their local PQA, virtually.

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If it’s face to face or on screen, our students can continue to participate in the fantastic performing arts projects that they love, alongside their friends and Academy staff that they have grown to know and trust.

* Please note PQA Live classes are subject to availability, please contact your Principal for more information. Your membership terms and conditions apply, which you may review here.


Is PQA Live the same as PQA Virtual Academy?

We offer two ways for our students to continue their performing arts education.  PQA Live is our live streamed full Academy experience, including all three modules in age specific groups.  PQA Virtual Academy is our on-demand service of tips, tutorials, and workshops which students can enjoy at any time.


What do I need for my child to take part?

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device to join in.  We recommend a tablet or laptop, so that your child can clearly see their teacher and classmates, however you will be able to access the sessions from a mobile.


Can my child join if they are late to the session?

Late-comers will need to wait be allowed into the session by a PQA team member. Please try to be punctual for your child to get the most out of the session.



What is PQA Live blended?

PQA Live blended is available for students who need to self-isolate but still wish to attend their Academy sessions.  Students join their colour group via Zoom, and can see and be seen by their teachers and friends.


Will sessions be recorded?

PQA Live is streamed live and students will be participating in projects in real time, with their colour groups.  For on-demand sessions our students can access PQA Virtual Academy.


Can my child join in if he is not a PQA student?

To enjoy PQA Live a child must be a member of their local Academy.


What safety measures apply?

For safeguarding reasons, we will only allow a student into the session if they have their video function switched on.  PQA Live sessions are password protected and locked during the live classes.